Journey to the Ark by Cole and Susanne Blumer

Journey to the Ark, the third book in the exciting Bell Tower Bible Adventure series is now available!

By Cole & Susanne Blumer

Book 3 in the Bell Tower Bible Adventures explores one of the most amazing stories in the Bible!

Danger lurks at every turn when Chip, Caroline and Billy travel back in time 4,000 years. There they meet a man on a mission to save the world and experience the greatest pet parade of all time!

Will they escape the coming flood and make it home safely to Palmetto Island?

Journey to the Ark puts the reader right into the story of Noah's Ark. Readers of all ages will love this adventure. We will definitely be using this series at our church.
Sheila M
Director of Christian Education

Bell Tower Bible Adventures

by Cole & Susanne Blumer

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