Mystery in Bethlehem by Cole and Susanne Blumer

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By Cole & Susanne Blumer

On the first day of summer vacation, twins Chip and Caroline and their new friend Billy visit the old church bell tower and are transported back in time to historic Bethlehem on the night of Jesus’s birth. There they explore Bethlehem, meet Mary and Joseph, and experience the Christmas story firsthand.

Will they be able to find their way home or will they be stranded in Bethlehem forever?

This book beautifully captures the essence of Christmas in a very unique and interesting way that will pull readers into the story. The black and white sketches are wonderful and bring the characters and the story alive. A good book to give as a Christmas gift for children.

Mystery in Bethlehem weaves adventure with a real story that is entertaining for children and tells them stories from the Bible in an engaging way.
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5-Star Review

Bell Tower Bible Adventures

by Cole & Susanne Blumer

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